Friday, 10 October 2014

Do you live in Victoria, like plants and enjoy clean air?

 Then please vote for our local community project. We aim to realise a permanent, indoor "forest on wheels" based on NASA research into natural air purification, at Northcity4 (, a non-profit shared artist studio and education space in Brunswick, Melbourne. Importantly, Northcity4 will make all results public -- for other artists, working communities, and interested individuals to use and learn from, for free.  So this project is for everyone.

This initiative was recently selected a top ten finalist in the Bank of Melbourne Local Project Competition/Environment-category. The competition is very tight and every single vote counts!

Here's how to show your support:

1. You can vote directly at the website at
Please note that your details WILL NOT be stored, or used for any other purpose than the grant competition.

If you're feeling really enthusiastic, please forward to any friends you think would be interested to support us also (note that they need to be local, ie. have a Victorian postcode).

Many thanks from all the artists at Northcity4!


  1. A worthy initiative. I'm not an artist but I do love plants.

    PS I think I saw you at the Melbourne Museum a few days ago. Didn't say hi because I had recently mistaken a stranger for an acquaintance at a restaurant. Very awkward.

  2. Probably me, toddler in tow. A belated hello is as good as one on time! Thanks for the support, we really need the votes to make the project possible at this stage.


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