Friday, 26 July 2013

The Lost Thing exhibition at ACMI, July 2013 - January 2014

Illustration from the picture book The Lost Thing, Lothian Books, 2000. Acrylic and oils on paper.

Still from The Lost Thing animated film, Passion Pictures Australia & Screen Australia. 
Digital rendering by Tom Bryant.

Opening this month at ACMI, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square in Melbourne, is a free exhibition charting the process of creating the short animated film The Lost Thing, from early origins as kitchen table doodles to complex digital animation (you can also watch the film in it's entirely in previously unreleased HD). The Lost Thing is a story about a boy living in a bureaucratic metropolis, who discovers a lonely, unclassifiable creature that nobody else wants to know about. The animated adaptation spanned ten years and left behind many boxes and drives of concept sketches, developmental drawings, paintings, animation and sound tests; from these a selective representation has been displayed within a carefully designed 'Lost Thing' space (curated by Fiona Trigg).  Find out more about the exhibition at ACMI, including related programs.


  1. hi Shaun,
    i watched the movie sometimes ago,it is a masterpiece.. EW


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