Monday, 25 February 2013

Sun Dial  University of Western Australia

Close detail of the finished mosaic surface, a 'translation' of the original painted design.

The sun dial 'Hours to Sunset' was completed earlier this month, and the good news is that it's accurate when it comes to telling time (thanks to the calculations of our technical expert, Peter Kovesi - and just as well, because it's hard to adjust the angle of a wall!). You can see more about this project, including a short film about its installation at UWA's sun dial blog: 


  1. i watched the video .. congratulations your work is a masterpiece ! EW

  2. Dear Shaun,
    Inspirational and beautiful!
    Small note: The hyper link above is broken (i.e. clicking on the address will not link you to the page). Copying of the to the address line of the browser works fine...
    Gil Gazit